Can the Anti Smoking Law in Britain Force Bingo Players Online?

An abundance has been stated in the press recently about the bingo industry being hit as a consequence of the anti smoking law in the UK. Conditions have become so poor that in Scotland the Bingo industry has asked for massive aid to assist in keeping the businesses from going bankrupt. However does the web version of this quintessential game present a escape, or will it never compare to its land based kin?

Bingo has been an ancient game normally enjoyed by the "blue rinse" generation. However the game of late had seen a recent resurgence in appeal with younger men and women deciding to visit the bingo halls in place of the bars on a weekend. This is all about to get flipped on its head with the enforcement of the cigarette ban throughout UK.

No more will enthusiasts be able to smoke whilst marking numbers. Beginning in the summer of ‘07 all public areas will no longer be permitted to allow cigarettes in their locations and this includes Bingo parlours, which are possibly the most favored locations where folks like to puff on cigarettes.

The outcome of the smoking ban can already be seen in Scotland where cigarettes are already forbidden in the bingo parlours. Profits have plunged and the industry is beyond a doubt struggling for its life. But where did all the players go? Surely they have not deserted this established game?

The answer is online. Players know that they can participate in bingo in front of their computer whilst enjoying a drink and cig and in the end, have a chance at big jackpots. This is a recent development and has happened bordering on perfect with the anti smoking law.

Of course wagering on on the web can never replace the collective aspect of going over to the bingo parlor, but for a demographic of people the rules have left a good many bingo enthusiasts with no option.

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